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Hotel Design & architecture

Materials and contemporary concepts

An external dynamic and asymmetrical architecture, through unexpected geometries and original shapes, gives rise to light and linear volumes. A building with a strong recognition to landscape scale: in anthracite gray, with asymmetrical shape characterized by a particular composition of the windows puncture. The hotel is nestled harmoniously in the contemporary dimension, including typical Italian and international sophistication.

The interior is characterized by the pursuit of simplicity and unscrupulous use of basic materials such as concrete, wood and glass. Designed by the studio EDcontract, the concept is strong and determined with the presence in the common areas and bedrooms of CASAMANIA furnishings, the MOMOdesign coatings and washbasins in CORIAN.

Environment and Technology

Mercure Nerocubo Rovereto has been designed with the social objective of offering its services respecting the principle of "zero energy balance" (referring to electricity consumption).

To achieve the goal a dual strategy was adopted. Minimize the consumption of electricity: through the use of technologies and construction systems to low-power and high insulation standards, thanks to home automation systems that adapt to the weather status function, but also raising awareness of the staff and selecting suppliers. Produce on site the required electrical power is via alternative energy sources and more sustainable, through the photovoltaic system and the trigeneration.

The interior Mercure Nerocubo Rovereto hides a highly evolved technological core that allows control of all areas of a base station. Thanks to the innovations made by the home automation, Mercure Nerocubo Rovereto makes use of numerous automated processes to improve services and ensure functionality.

EStation charging stations

Recharge your electric vehicle with us.

Our EStation charging stations are fully compliant with the requirements of current legislation and are already widely used in many European countries.

The main features of the configurations are:

  • Maximum charging compatibility with all current and future electric cars;
  • Compliance with the regulations in force in Italy and Europe;
  • Maximum safety for users and vehicles, continuous control of the charging process and current;
  • Quick and easy installation, just connect it to the existing electrical system;
  • Cutting-edge design and technology, sturdy construction, indoor and outdoor use;
  • Simple and intuitive use of the charging station for everyone.

Alipay service is available in our hotel. Chinese customers will be able to pay by using the same Alipay app that they use in China.
中国的客人可以使用跟在中国一样的app Alipay来支付税金和所有的服务费。


Dogs and cats are accepted.
For small and medium-sized pets there is a cost of € 10.00 per day.
For large pets of € 20.00 per day.

Nero Cubo
Nero Cubo
Nero Cubo

Hotel 8 floors, 8 artists

The art project Mercure Nerocubo Rovereto

The careful design of the hotel interior is characterized by a concept strong and decisive: the bold use of primary materials such as concrete, wood, glass, fabrics and colors is offset by an obvious 'common thread' that cleverly brings them to express, together, a unique concept. In this context, stands out the collection of art works created site specific 8 young contemporary artists, each of which has been entrusted to one of the 8 floors of the hotel.

Spaces and environments thus become the "background" for an art autonomous and independent project that takes shape and materializes into them.

On the corridor of each floor is located another important work that aims to introduce the work that the artist then also developed within each room where guests will have the opportunity to tune into the picture so intimate, confidential.

The artists involved

The artists chosen are necessarily contemporary, have very different cultural and geographical roots, working with very different languages and have all been called to compare each other and to dialogue with the spaces in full creative freedom - already in the planning stage - helping to consolidate this climate of "contamination" typical of our times, strongly characterized by the need for openness towards other cultures and new economies.

Full catalog is available at reception.

Nero Cubo
Nero Cubo
Nero Cubo
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